My Dashboard: Cluster View/Home for Your Users and Queues (YARN)

To show a cluster view (Home page tiles) for a specific set of cluster users and queues to which you have access, you can configure (personalize) My Dashboard. The tiles are largely the same as for the Pepperdata Dashboard, except that there are separate Recommendations tiles for each selected cluster user and queue, and there is no Cluster Health section.

My Dashboard is available only for YARN clusters.

Show My Dashboard

You can access My Dashboard from the dashboard navigation bar.


  • At the top of the Pepperdata dashboard or any custom dashboard display, click My Dashboard.

Configure My Dashboard

To personalize My Dashboard, configure which cluster users and queues you want to see.


  1. In the Dashboard Bar, click My Dashboard.

  2. Below the Dashboard Bar (and above the tiles), click Configure My Dashboard.

  3. In the resulting Personalize Pepperdata pane, select the cluster users and queues that you want.

    Only cluster users and queues allowed by your access policy are shown (see Verify a Pepperdata User’s RBAC Permissions (Privileges) or the comparable page for a Supervisor version other than the latest).

    1. Click in the Cluster Users box to select the users.

    2. Click in the Queues box to select the queues.

  4. Click Save.