“Left-Nav” and the Dashboards Menu

When closed, the “left-nav” menu is a single column of icons (Fig. 1). The icon in blue indicates the active display; its siblings’ and parent icons are show in light gray; and a light gray horizontal line separates the active display’s siblings and parent from the other main menu items. To open the left-nav menu, mouse over it or click a menu item; see Fig. 2.

Screnshot of left-nav menu and the dashboards menu, with callouts for navigation elements

An up arrow (^) shows which menu option is open. Here it’s the ​Dashboards menu:
  • The default Pepperdata Dashboard is listed first, identified by the icon.
  • Next (for YARN environments) is your personalized, My Dashboard, which you can configure to show data for specific user names and queues; it is identified by the icon.
  • Next (for YARN environments) are your custom dashboards. For details, see Working with Custom Dashboards.
  • Last (for YARN environments) are other people’s custom dashboards that they’ve shared, identified by the icon.
Blue text indicates the active display. Here it’s the test dashboard.
The Charts page enables you to manipulate time series information for any time range, metrics, and dimensions breakdowns; and compare datasets that differ for only one dimension. For details, see Charts and Filter the Charts & Tables by Dimensions: Hosts, Users, Etc..
The Capacity Optimizer page shows resource use information and the savings from optimization. See Capacity Optimizer.
​The Spotlight menus list the Spotlight overviews—pages of highlight tiles and/or tables—for your Pepperdata products; for details, see Spotlight Overview Pages.
The Custom Table enables you to build a table for any combination of time range, metrics, and dimension breakdowns. For details about table elements and filtering, see Tables and Filter the Charts & Tables by Dimensions: Hosts, Users, and so forth..
The Reports menu links to analysis (daily) and interactive reports. For the list of available reports, see Reports (or the comparable page for a Supervisor version other than the latest).