All tables share a common format for displaying information, and provide similar navigation controls. To display the Custom Table page, use the left-nav menu, and select Custom Table. To display a Spotlight overview table, use the “left-nav” menu, expand the applicable Spotlight sub-menu (for example, App Spotlight or Platform Spotlight), and click the overview you want.

Screnshot of a Table page, with callouts for navigation elements

Filter Bars; for details, see Filter Bars
Apply changes made in filters
Toggle for hiding/showing the filter bars
Change the tabular display to a charts display, with the same data and applied filter settings
Number of items found that match the applied filter settings
: Export (download) the table as a CSV file
: Show/Hide Columns (and rearrange table columns)
: View as Chart—Show the given row's breakdown data as a chart, with the same applied time range and metrics filter settings as the table
​Sorted column (indicated by a blue highlight) that’s below the column heading when the values are sorted large-to-small, and above the heading when the values are sorted small-to-large
Adjust the column width
Color highlighting for outlier values (calculated as standard deviations from the column’s average value)
Pagination controls