Common Controls and the Dashboard Cluster View

The Pepperdata Dashboard (the Home page) provides navigation controls and shows the cluster view—sections of tiles that highlight important aspects of your cluster, such as resource usage by applications and (for YARN) queues, and metrics related to your environment (YARN or Kubernetes).

Common Controls

Screnshot of the Pepperdata dashboard, with callouts for common navigation elements

Home link (to Pepperdata dashboard)
Realm/cluster list
Entry to Application Detail Page
"Top-nav" navigation to:
  • Alarms (): Red badge shows # of active alarms; click for Alarms
  • Help (): Links to documentation and the support portal
  • Settings (): Version info, links to configuration pages
"Left-nav" navigation to Dashboards, Charts, Spotlight overviews for your Pepperdata products, Alarms, Custom Table, and Reports; for details, see "Left-Nav" and the Dashboards Menu
"Dashboard bar" navigation to the Pepperdata Dashboard, My Dashboard (YARN-only), and custom dashboards
Cluster View contains sections for those cluster highlights that are available for your environment (YARN or Kubernetes) and Spotlight products, such as Hardware Resources, YARN and HDFS Resources, Namespaces, Application, YARN Queues, Recommendations, Cluster Health, Kafka, and GPU Power and Temperature
Rearrange sections control; drag-and-drop the sections in any order that you want

Cluster View

The Cluster View section of the dashboard Home page shows just those sections that are relevant to (and available for) your environment. Therefore, you might see elements in this documentation, particularly in screenshots, that do not appear in your dashboard.

If you have any questions, contact Pepperdata Support.