Working with Alarms

Pepperdata uses the near real-time metrics to fire alarms that call your attention to trouble in your clusters. In addition to predefined alarms, you can create custom alarms for any of the more than 300 metrics that are collected. For all alarms, you can configure their thresholds, including how long a metric’s value exceeds the threshold before firing the alarm, and enable associated alerts to be sent to you by pager or email.

Alarms in the dashboard indicate near real-time status, not history. If you do not enable alerts, you can determine if conditions exceeded an alarm’s threshold sometime in the past by viewing the alarm’s associated metrics for the time period in question.

Alarms appear in several places in the Pepperdata dashboard. To see the most recently fired alarms, mouse over the Alarms icon () in the “top-nav” menu. To show the Alarms & Alerts page, which lists all the alarms that are configured for your cluster, mouse over the Alarms icon (), and select View All Alarms. To see alarms that are applicable for a given application, navigate to its App Details page.

For details about working with alarms, see the following topics: