Query Profiler Report

The Pepperdata Query Profiler uses heuristics—rules and triggering/firing thresholds against which Pepperdata compares the actual metrics values for your queries—to generate recommendations. The Query Profiler report shows every instance of a triggered/fired heuristic; each instance is identified as an incident. Incidents are assigned a severity—critical, severe, moderate, or low—depending on the difference between your query’s metrics values and the heuristic’s firing threshold.

There is not a 1:1 correspondence between heuristics and recommendations. For example, a single heuristic might have a low and a high threshold, from which Pepperdata can provide distinct recommendations such as “Too long average mapper runtime” and “Too short average mapper runtime”.

Screenshot of Query Profiler report with callouts of its features

Filter bar for customizing the time range.
Heuristics that were triggered/fired for your query. To expand/collapse the details of a heuristic, click anywhere in its row.
An expanded heuristic.
  • The number of incidents at each severity is shown.
  • The Items Found table shows which user was responsible for the incident, as well as other incident details.