Recommendations in Query Spotlight

Pepperdata recommendations for Query Spotlight are generated by the Query Profiler, which is automatically enabled when you configure Query Spotlight. The Impala, Hive, and Presto tiles in the Recommendations section of the Pepperdata dashboard show how many recommendations were made during the last 24 hours, along with their severity levels, for Impala, Hive on Tez, and Presto/Trino queries, respectively. (If there are no recommendations for a given query type, the tile does not appear on the dashboard.)

Recommendations information is shown in several places in the Pepperdata dashboard:

  • To see a table of all the queries that received recommendations at a given severity level, click the linked severity text in the tile for the query type you’re interested in.

  • To see the recommendations’ severity levels for all recently run queries, show the Queries Overview page by using the left-nav menu to select Query Spotlight > Queries.

  • To view the Query Profiler report, click any query type’s recommendations tile, or use the left-nav menu to select Query Spotlight > Query Profiler.

For details and lists of Pepperdata recommendations for a given query type, see the pages for the query types you’re interested in: