Query Details Page

The Query Details page provides an at-a-glance view of any issues that a query experienced during its run, as well as status information that likely contributed to the query’s success or problems.

Screenshot of Query Details Page with callouts of its features

Top-level tabs provide access to sub-pages of query details.

  • The Details tab (which is what is described in this document) is the default for the Query Details display, and appears for all query types.

  • The Explain tab shows the query's explain plan and, for Hive queries, a visualization of the stages.

  • (Impala queries) The Timeline tab shows a visualization of query execution and compilation activities.

  • (Impala queries) The Exec Summary tab shows executor operations.
The Header provides an overview of the query—its name, Id, start latency, status, query type, statement type, and so on.
The tabs in the Primary section—where you should begin your exploration of the query—show the query statement, recommendations (see Recommendations in Query Spotlight), and query-type-specific runtime metrics.
The Stats section shows the query history and any other information that is available for the query type:

  • Config data for Impala queries
  • Resource Usage for Hive queries