Waste Overview

The Waste Overview page is applicable for YARN and Kubernetes clusters.

The Waste Overview shows which apps are the worst offenders in terms of wasted resources and associated monetary costs. You can use the Breakdown By filter to find additional contributors to system waste: user, queue, and workflow. If an application made no requests, there is no waste, and therefore its waste data columns have no data.


  1. From the “left-nav” menu, select Platform Spotlight > Waste.

  2. Click each sub-column heading in turn to sort its data to show which apps have the most waste.

    Color highlights for outlier values indicate the distance (in number of standard deviations) from the column’s average value. The darker (closer to red) the color, the greater the difference in the value and the column’s average value.

  3. Click the linked Id for the apps that show the highest waste.

    The resultant App Details page shows an at-a-glance view of all the issues that an app experienced during its run, as well as status information that likely contributed to the app’s wasted resources. For more information, see App Details Page.