Configuration Settings Not Applied

If you make a configuration change for Pepperdata or services with which Pepperdata interacts (such as YARN), but it does not seem to “take”, the most likely cause is skipping a necessary component/service restart.

The following guidelines are generally how things work. But you should follow the steps in the specific Pepperdata configuration procedures.

  • YARN. Restarting YARN is required after:

    • Installing Pepperdata Supervisor.

    • Upgrading Pepperdata Supervisor.

    • Reconfiguring Pepperdata by adding/changing properties in pepperdata-site.xml.

  • System Components. If a system component reads the Pepperdata configuration, you must restart that component after upgrading or reconfiguring Pepperdata.

    For example, after you turn on HBase Monitoring, you must restart HBase RegionServers in order for Pepperdata monitoring to begin.

    Generally you do not need to restart Spark services because it continually refreshes its knowledge of the the Pepperdata configuration from the environment file (which Pepperdata updates when you make a configuration change), not the Pepperdata configuration file.