Platform Spotlight User’s Guide

Pepperdata Platform Spotlight continuously monitors and collects unique data, and provides a 360° cluster view that enables you to quickly diagnose performance issues and make resource decisions about your big data platform based on user priorities and needs. Platform Spotlight leverages AI-driven resource management to automatically tune YARN clusters and recapture wasted capacity. Platform Spotlight enables alerting to identify root causes, and receive recommendations to rightsize containers, queues and other resources.

Data Retention Policy

Pepperdata retains the data it collects for either 32 or 94 days, depending on its category:

  • Raw/task data, 32 days—metrics for the lowest-level entities: tasks for apps, hosts or host level; devices for disk; and so on.

  • Aggregated app and cluster metrics—all metrics groups and sub-categories within the App metrics category, as shown in the metrics filter for Charts. Retention period depends on the breakdown filtering:

    • app-level breakdowns: 94 days
    • container-level breakdowns: 32 days

    Screnshot of **App** metrics category in the Charts metrics filter

Spotlight Overviews

Platform Spotlight overviews show what’s happening in the cluster, for the selected range and filters, in tabular form.

Your cluster’s environment—YARN or Kubernetes—determines which overviews are applicable and available.

These examples show typical Platform Spotlight left-nav menus for YARN and Kubernetes, although your particular options might vary.

Screenshots of YARN and Kubernetes Platform Spotlight Overview options

The table shows which Platform Spotlight overviews are applicable for each environment.

Overview YARN Kubernetes
Waste *
License Status