Reports: Platform Spotlight

Platform Spotlight reports are system summaries that enable you to make informed decisions (for example, “do I need more hardware for a cluster?”).

You can access interactive reports—which enable you to change the time range, and filter and group the data in a variety of ways—and analysis reports—auto-generated daily, downloadable as PDFs—from the Reports left-nav menu.

Platform Spotlight Reports
Report Description
Capacity Planning Key data for deciding whether to add more hardware to a cluster. For details, see Interpreting the Capacity Planning Report.
Chargeback Metrics that enable you to identify who is using a cluster and to charge departments for cluster usage. To configure the unit costs used to calculate the chargeback totals, see Configuring Usage/Chargeback.
CapacityOptimizerUplift Daily analysis report of the memory uplift due to Capacity Optimizer.
CloudMigration Daily analysis report of assessments of how much it would cost per month to operate the cluster in the cloud, for a variety of cloud vendors.
Cloud Consumption Core-Hours and GB-Hours usage data for all the clusters in your multi-cluster realm. This report enables you to track usage throughout a billing period, and to learn which clusters are the heaviest resource users.
UnhealthyNodeReport Daily analysis report of which hosts are unhealthy, and why.
HdfsDataTemperature Daily analysis report of the data temperature across a cluster's entire Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) space—how many hot, warm, and cold files are on the HDFS file system, how many files (and the total size of all such files) haven't been accessed in more than 90 days—which classifies them as cold files—and what the configured storage policies are for those cold files. Using this data, you can optimize your storage use by changing the storage policies for cold files to cold.

Before you can access the HDFS Data Temperature report from the Pepperdata dashboard, you must configure your Pepperdata installation to collect the necessary metrics and to upload them to the Pepperdata backend data storage; see Configure HDFS Data Temperature Report.
DefaultContainerSize Daily analysis report of assessment of how your cluster's apps would be affected by different default container sizes.