Disabling Components/Uninstalling Pepperdata (Parcel)

Some Pepperdata products can be individually disabled, while other products are always on as long as Pepperdata is running. This section includes procedures for all the products that can be individually disabled, and explains their interdependencies.

Uninstall All Pepperdata Products

To uninstall all Pepperdata products and functions, perform the configuration and installation procedures in reverse.

Use the distribution-specific configuration and installation documentation as a guide. More explicit instructions cannot be provided because the actual configuration you implemented during the installation and configuration steps is unique to your environment. If you need help, contact Pepperdata Support.

Disable Capacity Optimizer

Capacity Optimizer operates (is enabled) on a percentage of the hosts in the cluster as defined by the pepperdata.supervisor.splitTest.percent property value. To disable Capacity Optimizer, reset this property value to zero, and load the configuration change by refreshing the YARN ResourceManager configuration.


  1. In Cloudera Manager, locate the Split test percent parameter, and change its value to 0.

    (Or, you can edit the XML by locating the pepperdata.supervisor.splitTest.percent property in the he Pepperdata > Configuration > Supervisor template.)

  2. Load the configuration change.


    To trigger the Supervisor to load configuration changes, refresh the YARN ResourceManager configuration.

    • (YARN 2) Load the new configuration: in Cloudera Manager, select the Refresh action for the ResourceManager.

    • (For YARN 3, you do not need to manually load the new configuration because the PepAgent automatically forwards it to the capacity monitor.)

Disable Application Profiler


  1. In Cloudera Manager, locate the Enable JobHistory Monitoring parameter, and deselect it.

  2. Select the Restart action for the PepAgent service.

Disable Monitoring

To disable monitoring across the cluster, select the Stop action for the Pepperdata service.

After a host’s NodeManager cache of the PepAgent state is cleared (typically about five minutes), new containers that are launched do not include Pepperdata.

(When you restart PepAgent, it takes about five minutes for new containers that are launched to include Pepperdata.)

Disable Metrics Uploading

To stop uploading the collected metrics to the Pepperdata dashboard, stop the Pepperdata Collector by select the Stop action for the PepCollector service.

Pepperdata continues to collect the metrics so that they’re available for viewing and analysis when you resume the PepCollector service.