Enable SAML-SSO for User Authentication (RPM/DEB)

In addition to standard user name and password authentication via Okta, Pepperdata supports Service Provider (SP) initiated SAML-SSO (Security Assertion Markup Language–Single Sign-On) for user authentication for Pepperdata-hosted services, for SAML version 2.0. To enable SSO-SAML, we need to know your SSO integration details, such as your platform, entity Id, and SSO URL. Download the Pepperdata SSO Intake Form (Pepperdata-SSO-Intake-Form.docx Microsoft Word file icon or Pepperdata-SSO-Intake-Form.pdf Adobe PDF file icon), fill it out (electronically or by hand), and attach it to a request for support (see Open a Service Request).

SAML-SSO is supported for the following Pepperdata services:


  1. Download the Pepperdata SSO Intake Form in one of the following formats:

  2. Fill out the form, either electronically or by hand.

    If you fill it out by hand, scan it afterwards to create a digital format that you can attach it to an electronic request to Pepperdata Support.

  3. Open a Service Request with Pepperdata Support, and attach your completed form.

Pepperdata Support will configure your deployment for SAML-SSO, and will contact you to coordinate implementation.