Obtain Pepperdata Downloads via cURL or Wget

The Pepperdata installation files and artifacts are available from the Downloads page. But you can also obtain the installation files and artifacts by using cURL or Wget commands—perhaps to save time and more easily manage many target machines. You must first generate an API key, and then include it in the cURL or Wget command’s Authorization field.


  1. Generate an API Key.

    Navigate to the API Keys page on the Pepperdata dashboard account management page, and click Create API key. Be sure to copy both the key id (<API-key-id>) and, especially, the token (<API-key-token>), which cannot be retrieved after you navigate away from the API Keys page. Pepperdata persists the key, and you can use it until you delete it.

  2. Determine the URL of the installation file or artifact that you want to download.

    Navigate to the Downloads page, locate the file that you want, right-click its link, and select Copy Link Address.

    Use this URL in the next step, to replace the <your-url> placeholder.

  3. Build the command that you want.

    • Be sure to substitute your actual API key id and API token for the <API-key-id> and <API-key-token> placeholders.

    • For cURL, the command format is:

      curl --tlsv1.2 -H "Authorization: PDAPI <API-key-id>:<API-key-token>" <your-url> --remote-name

    • For Wget, the command format is:

      wget --secure-protocol=TLSv1_2 --header="Authorization: PDAPI <API-key-id>:<API-key-token>" <your-url>