Manage the License Key File (RPM/DEB)

To enable and run Pepperdata software, you need to obtain a license key file from your Pepperdata representative and copy it to the license key location (see Task 3: Add the Pepperdata license). If you do not have a license key or your license key expires, your big data (Hadoop) environment continues to function normally, but Pepperdata-specific functions are disabled. To re-enable Pepperdata after your license expires, renew the license and install the new license key file.

When the expiration date of your license key draws near, the Supervisor writes messages to the ResourceManager logfiles and displays a warning message on your Pepperdata dashboard. When you see the logged messages or dashboard warning, contact Pepperdata Support to renew your license.

Configure the License File Location

You can change the location of the Pepperdata license key file, license.txt, from its default (/etc/pepperdata/) to any directory you want. The relevant property, pepperdata.license.key.specification, is in the pepperdata-site.xml file.


  1. Beginning with any host, open the pepperdata-site.xml file for editing.

    By default, the Pepperdata site file, pepperdata-site.xml, is located in /etc/pepperdata. If you customized the location, the file is specified by the PD_CONF_DIR environment variable. See Change the Location of pepperdata-site.xml for details.

  2. Edit the pepperdata.license.key.specification property’s snippet.

    Be sure to substitute your location for the your-license-file-location placeholder in the following code snippet. It looks similar to the following:

    Malformed XML files can cause operational errors that can be difficult to debug. To prevent such errors, we recommend that you use a linter, such as xmllint, after you edit any .xml configuration file.
  3. Save your changes and close the file.

  4. Repeat steps 1–3 on every host in the cluster on which Pepperdata is installed.

Verify the License Key Status

You can check the status of the Pepperdata license on any host on which Pepperdata is installed. The license status tool displays a summary of the license state, including the compliance status and expiration date.


  • On any host, run the license status tool.