Change the Location of pepperdata-site.xml (RPM/DEB)

By default, the Pepperdata site file, pepperdata-site.xml, is located in /etc/pepperdata. However, you can move this file anywhere you want, as long as you configure the necessary Pepperdata environment variables and, if applicable, configuration files for distro-specific management frameworks. If you later forget where pepperdata-site.xml is located, look up the value of the PD_CONF_DIR environment variable by viewing the appropriate configuration files or management framework templates for your system.


  1. Assign the PD_CONF_DIR environment variable.

    • (Manually-configured clusters) Set the PD_CONF_DIR environment variable to the fully-qualified custom location in the following files:

      • /etc/hadoop/conf/
      • /etc/pepperdata/

      Setting the location in these configuration files ensures that the location is defined in the environment before the Hadoop and Pepperdata service daemons are launched. Define the environment variable as follows:

      export PD_CONF_DIR=/local/dir/of/your/choice

    • (Ambari-configured clusters) Use the Ambari Web UI to access the yarn-env template to set the PD_CONF_DIR environment variable: YARN > Configs > Advanced > Advanced yarn-env > yarn-env template.

    • (Cloudera Manager-configured clusters) Use Cloudera Manager to navigate to YARN (MR2 Included) > Configuration > Service Wide > Advanced > YARN Service Environment Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve), and set the PD_CONF_DIR environment variable.

  2. Move the file from /etc/pepperdata/ to the /local/dir/of/your/choice.

  3. Restart YARN.