(Platform Spotlight and Dependent Products) Configure Hadoop to Use Pepperdata (RPM/DEB)

To configure and activate Platform Spotlight, use the procedure that corresponds to your big data environment, as shown in the table.

This procedure is required:

  • For Platform Spotlight

  • If you’re using a dependent Pepperdata product—a product that requires Platform Spotlight to be installed and configured—in a Hadoop cluster:

    • Application Spotlight
    • Capacity Optimizer
    • Query Spotlight
    • Streaming Spotlight
If the only Pepperdata product that you’re installing is Streaming Spotlight, and the cluster is a Kafka-only cluster (without Hadoop), do not perform this procedure. For this scenario, skip to Configure Pepperdata Collector.
Distribution Configuration Manager Procedure
Apache Hadoop (all) Apache Hadoop with YARN
Cloudera CDH, CDP Runtime manual CDH/CDP Private Cloud Base Manual Configuration - YARN
Cloudera CDH, CDP Runtime Cloudera Manager (without Parcels) Cloudera Manager with CDH/CDP Private Cloud Base - YARN