Installation Guide (RPM/DEB): Pepperdata Supervisor

The software consists of the following primary components:

  • Supervisor—a scheduler instrumentation enabler that runs in the ResourceManager.

    Supervisor is a software instrumentation component injected into the scheduler used by a cluster’s ResourceManager. The Supervisor does not affect scheduling behavior; it captures task information and sends it to the PepAgents running on all the hosts in the cluster.

  • PepAgent—an agent that runs on all hosts in the cluster.

    PepAgent is an agent that runs on all hosts in a cluster that are running a NodeManager. The PepAgent relies on network communication to receive task-specific information from the Supervisor.

  • PepCollector—an agent that runs on all hosts in the cluster.

    The PepCollector—the pepcollectd daemon—collects the metrics that the other Pepperdata agents obtain from hosts, and uploads the aggregated (collected) data to the Pepperdata dashboard.