Disable Extended JMX Metrics Collection

Extended JMX metrics collection is enabled by default. You can disable it to reconfigure metrics collection paths (directory structure and port numbers) or for troubleshooting concerns such as the load on a monitored object.


  1. Beginning with any host where Pepperdata is running, add the property that controls extended JMX metrics collection to the Pepperdata site file, pepperdata-site.xml, and set its value to false.

    By default, the Pepperdata site file, pepperdata-site.xml, is located in /etc/pepperdata. If you customized the location, the file is specified by the PD_CONF_DIR environment variable. See Change the Location of pepperdata-site.xml for details.

    Malformed XML files can cause operational errors that can be difficult to debug. To prevent such errors, we recommend that you use a linter, such as xmllint, after you edit any .xml configuration file.
  2. Restart the PepAgent.

    You can use either the service (if provided by your OS) or systemctl command:

    • sudo service pepagentd restart
    • sudo systemctl restart pepagentd
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 on every host where Pepperdata is running.